Title: John Lennon... Woman
created on 10 Oct 09

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Comments on this picture (48):
1. marg wrote:
 on reflection.. doesn't really look like John, but hopefully you get the idea !
2. katpedro wrote:
 Colour blend is wonderful.
3. Doug wrote:
 It does look like John and its wonderful. Probably one of the best beatles picks i've seen. so full of emotion!
4. autumn wrote:
 looks like John to me, I can't believe it is done in candy, WOW! nice job marg
5. marg wrote:
 thanx, everyone !
6. sheftali52 wrote:
 It really does look like John--marvelous!
7. gocards wrote:
 great picture!
8. mebu27 wrote:
 love his mouth
9. DMarcella wrote:
 Look a lot like him to me too.
10. Peasy wrote:
 marg, this is excellent! A Top5 finisher for sure. :)
11. a4e4ka wrote:
 Speechless...How you do that? What a gift, what a vision! Marvelous! Thank you!
12. gwinnyb wrote:
 This totally looks like John. we are our own worst critics . I love this introspective piece.
13. lilalee wrote:
 I never was a fan of the Beatles, and the drawings I have seen so far are great. But Marg this is the Best John Lennon to date on TD!!
14. lilalee wrote:
 When we look at our own work, well we usually don't like it. But, walk away for awhile, then go back and just glance at it!! It is perfect and beautiful!!
15. fly86gal wrote:
 Excellent! I knew who it was before I even saw the title!!
16. puzzler wrote:
 Agree with all the above, a triumph!
17. Nikkie wrote:
 he was my very fave:> candy tooooo:>
18. gradie wrote:
 Terrific work.
19. Login wrote:
 Marg, it's instantly recognisable ... you've nailed it.
20. arty wrote:
 You never fail to amaze me.
21. Login wrote:
 Your technique is amazing ... and this is up there with Luna's 'Imagine'.
22. marg wrote:
 thank you all for your wonderful comments - although I think I've got a long way to go to be in the same class as Luna's 'Imagine' - I was pretty happy with the pic, but it just didn't look particularly like John to me..
23. marg wrote:
 .. Login's Ringo and Luna's George just capture the essence, if you know what I mean ?
24. Shanley wrote:
 that blue shade is of great effect. congrats on such a sine piece of work!
25. marius wrote:
 Looks like John to me! Wow! And in candy of all things! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26. NADIA wrote:
 Fantastic pic Marg!
27. Luna wrote:
28. indigo wrote:
 Fantastic!! I saw John right away...and I ditto Login all the way too!
29. polenta wrote:
30. pollyesther wrote:
 oh Marg, this is perfect! love the shading effect.
31. marg wrote:
 I down-voted this, as Luna's 'My Sweet Lord' did NOT deserve to be slammed, and it's another case of the best pic being downrated - unfortunately, I know that won't help in any top 5 considerations..
32. kyung wrote:
 Perfect is a perfect word for this piece!
33. a4e4ka wrote:
 Congratulations on TOP 5!
34. Login wrote:
 I am so glad the downrating didn't knock this out of the Top5 line-up ... it's first class.
35. pollyesther wrote:
 ditto Login, Gratz Marg=)
36. Hazer wrote:
 Congratz marg!!
37. matthew wrote:
 Grats Marg... Great pic...
38. kyung wrote:
 Congrats marg!
39. inked_gemini wrote:
 Ditto what Login said. This is brilliant. Congrats marg.
40. hjjr wrote:
 well done -- congrats on Top 5.
41. solange62 wrote:
42. danila wrote:
 your drawings have something magic...
43. Preciosa wrote:
 i love it and john... :)
44. Jazzlet wrote:
 Having only recently joined TD I have just found this but wanted to say, its brilliant!
45. mum23 wrote:
 John Lennon- the candy man? A seriously perfect likeness!
46. mum23 wrote:
 ... coming back again to this... I don't know why I haven't favourited it before.... it's one of the best pictures on TD!
47. tarkio wrote:
 Marg, your work is brillant.
48. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 Marg this is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! I've only just seen it. Really striking, the colours are amazing and you've hit on his personality brilliantly. You are so talented!

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