Title: Listening to music
created on 06 Aug 09

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1. solosater wrote:
 You have an interesting eye. Perhaps due to my OCD I cannot do green hair; purple scarlet & blue are also out of the question for me but you make it look completely natural. LOVE IT!
2. mekeys wrote:
 I'm doing the same thing..I listen to shoutcast.com all the time while i am drawing.
3. matthew wrote:
 Let go of reality Solo... This is good :) ...
4. solosater wrote:
 It really is.
5. yufie wrote:
 ua~ chu' fuong la` fuong nao` day ? :| tuog~ nhat' fuong. lan fuong a' ?
6. Phuong wrote:
 thanks for your comments :] I'm listening to my discs now...before my idea was "And the win blows..." but I just added that headphone. Well, I need some music melodies for my pics :) @Yufie: I'm lapÆ° =.=
7. matthew wrote:
 What she said, only in english...
8. Phuong wrote:
 Oh we were classmates but she didn't find me out :)
9. yufie wrote:
 a` lan fuog do' ha~ lan fuong ghe lun nha lan fuong ;)) @matthew : we're speaking vietnamese :))
10. Phuong wrote:
 english now =P yeah it's me Lan Phuong :))
11. Angela wrote:
 She is so pretty.
12. coho wrote:
 I like this soooo much. Simple but conveys a lot. !
13. Login wrote:
 This is such a nice drawing ... keep them coming.
14. Trixie wrote:
 Cool pic!
15. marius wrote:
 Really like this! Happy picture & I adore the hair!
16. matthew wrote:
 Knew Phuong was vietnamese so I assumed that was what you spoke...
17. Phuong wrote:
 it's just vietnamese :D thank you :P
18. indigo wrote:
 You are a talented young lady...love your art!
19. pollyesther wrote:
 love the hair! this is beautiful:)
20. Phuong wrote:
 thank u...indigo, you draw better than me :)
21. kyung wrote:
 WOW! Lovely happy face! It's you!
22. Phuong wrote:
 thanks :D but I think I can't be that pretty girl XD

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