Title: Help Wanted
created on 31 Jul 09

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Comments on this picture (18):
1. matthew wrote:
 this is cool... Love the use of the noses...
2. ThinkDrawUS wrote:
 the extre votes you and kstan are giving yourselves are becoming quite obvious. might want to dial it down.
3. Doug wrote:
 don't think that a husband and wife voting for each other is that uncommon. Just one vote it and send it to ashes. I draw to draw. I don't hide behind anonymous names.
4. Robindcr8l wrote:
 I'd like to apply for this job.
5. ThinkDrawUS wrote:
 if you & wify, matthew & robin all voted. 6 voters left no comment? an odd trend
6. mekeys wrote:
 Doug i almost understand this one..
7. lilalee wrote:
 Geez, Doug, don't you know how they get votes?? I should say I voted for this a.m. and did not comment. Had to run out, geez louise!! Thats one more to account for. Funny, how one can go to any of our famous,
8. lilalee wrote:
 artist here and certainly see the same!! Also votes from people who don't even draw here!!
9. lilalee wrote:
 Give us poor people a break! They are looking for a fight!!
10. lilalee wrote:
 So, whats new!!??
11. ThinkDrawUS wrote:
 be sure to add a bunch of comments to his Prehistoric battlefront pic where there are 8 unaccounted for votes.
12. Luna wrote:
 Doug, this is your best yet! Doesn't deserve all the controversy!
13. matthew wrote:
 Doug, pay it no mind... This is a GREAT pic...
14. Login wrote:
 I like it ... remote planet or London, Heathrow ... it's good.
15. Doug wrote:
 Don't think I've eve been in the top 5 before have I? I draw for the therapy and to wind down from work. Yeah, I would love to be in the Top 5 like Kstanley, my wife as everyone should know now, but you "famous" people have nothing to worry about so draw
16. nancylee wrote:
 This is wonderful. I love the shading effects!
17. Normal wrote:
 Robin can have the job, I don't want it. Neat picture!
18. Normal wrote:
 I'm one of many who comment without voting. Must be many who vote with no comment - some maliciously, some not, thank goodness.