Title: Boo!
created on 14 Oct 08

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1. Robindcr8l wrote:
 This is the best halloween one I've seen. Fantastic!
2. lizmeister wrote:
 Very sweet. Very nice!
3. LinLin wrote:
 This is great! I love to study your compositions to get ideas on how to use the medium... and your "bad dog... "pissed" drawings always make to LOL.
4. tiki244 wrote:
 This is terrific! I love the picture.
5. bellana wrote:
 cute ghost! great use of the medium...boo
6. inked_gemini wrote:
 I love this. The clouds, the little pumpkins, the trees. There is nothing about this picture that I don't like. Great job.
7. Jovi wrote:
 Great little ghost hiding out in the perfect setting with the spooky-looking, bare-branched stem trees. Nice color add-ons with the moon, stars and pumpkins. Fine!
8. Gonn wrote:
 I dont like Halloween but I like your picture.
9. Just4u2luv26 wrote:
 So cute! Looks like fun!
10. nekoakuma wrote:
 Awesome how long did it take u
11. Tim42 wrote:
 this is such a fully flushed out three dimentional scean. It's tangable
12. dessertdiva wrote:
 Thank you SO much for all of the wonderful response...this was a fun picture to do for Hallowe'en. Nekoakuma, I was supposed to being "work" on my computer when I made this picture so I'm uncertain on the exact time it took to create, but I don't believ
13. dessertdiva wrote:
 as I was saying I don't believe it was more than 20 minutes to create (I was supposed to be working...just like now ...oops)
14. qwer wrote:
 Really nice.
15. Login wrote:
 This is clever
16. Challengers17 wrote:
 Great pic !
17. phlurb wrote:
 Awesome! That looks sooo cool! :)!

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