Title: jack o' lantern
created on 14 Oct 08

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1. sheftali52 wrote:
 Awesome to say the least!
2. lizmeister wrote:
 Oooooh, good one.
3. Figgie wrote:
 VERY ORIGINAL. The colors really pull me in with the shimmering yellow, the drop-dead black and red-hot lips. Kudos on the mouth and the eyes. I won't turn my back on THIS pumpkin.
4. Jovi wrote:
 Red hot and blazing; this is one stand-out pumpkin. Great job!
5. tiki244 wrote:
 Thank you sheftali52 and thank you lizmeister.
6. tiki244 wrote:
 Thank you Figgie, yes I do believe he is a bit scary! haha
7. tiki244 wrote:
 Thanks Jovi. He does seem to be blazing, doesn't he?
8. palmasbob wrote:
 Nice job...5 from me..
9. Tim42 wrote:
 your on fire!
10. kiejy wrote:
 i dont like it that much
11. tiki244 wrote:
 thank you palmasbob and Tim42 kiejy yeah it is kinda strange isnt it?
12. hdwildmustang wrote:
 COOL..Pumpkin Fireball...ha ha
13. tiki244 wrote:
 haha :)
14. Karatekat wrote:
 thats creepy man 5* from me

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