Title: The Desert Dawning
created on 30 Jun 09

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Comments on this picture (28):
1. Arw65 wrote:
 um ...wow this is awesome! you never cease to amaze me.
2. IamAnonymous wrote:
 Hot, fiery and mysterious - but enough about me. This is spectacular and if I could vote, which I can't, it would get a 5! Maybe marg will give you her vote, for me. She knows a lot about art.
3. Maddie97 wrote:
 For some reason I think of Lords of the Rings. Tout ce que je peux dire est magnifique j'adore ça!
4. inked_gemini wrote:
 Intense. This is fantastic.
5. Margaret wrote:
 This is amazing.
6. lilalee wrote:
7. KStanley wrote:
 Beautiful picture Solaster. I love the serenity that it portraits.
8. sheftali52 wrote:
9. solosater wrote:
 Thank you all. This is me trying something new. And Maddie I had that translated. Merci, tout sonne mieux en Français!
10. Dragon wrote:
 This is just gorgeous. Love your Radiant Bride too.
11. solosater wrote:
 Thanks Dragon.
12. alanator wrote:
 another awesome pic,keep it going
13. pollyesther wrote:
 superb!!!! I love this!
14. Doug wrote:
 great pik! Love the deeper shades and the composition!
15. Luna wrote:
16. solosater wrote:
 Thanks again to all of you for you very nice comment on my work, I love them!
17. charityb98 wrote:
 holy crapoly! GORGEOUS!
18. solosater wrote:
 Thanks, charity, I think;-)
19. gwinnyb wrote:
 just beautiful is all.. both sunrise and sunset
20. marius wrote:
 Absolutely lovely!!!
21. solosater wrote:
 Living in the desert for most of my life, I can truly tell you that until you’ve seen a desert sunrise or sunset you really don’t know. Most places have all that green foliage and whatnot blocking the sheer brilliance of the thing.
22. solosater wrote:
 Mind you, this drawing may be a little bit of an exaggeration but still; the desert's the place to be for sun sites. I hope you all get to see it someday.
23. marg wrote:
 oh, solo.. I just love the way you did that light against the black hills.. it's really awesome !
24. Login wrote:
 Wow! It's all been happening while I've been away.
25. CoyoteGirl wrote:
 It's so pretty.
26. pollyesther wrote:
 this one still takes my breath away...such a stunning effect.
27. indigo wrote:
 I missed this one....it is quite good!
28. Robindcr8l wrote:
 I was out of town and missed this one til just now. It's really breathtaking!

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