Title: 1970's Australian Traffic Light
created on 26 Jun 09

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1. Baldur wrote:
 KStanley, Is this for real? Were they actually using something like this?
2. KStanley wrote:
 Yes, I was looking for light ideas and happened across this...they used this in the 70's so that people could see how long they had to the light changes. I thought this was really neat. Wouldn't mind to see this hava a come back either.
3. marius wrote:
 Wow - this is fascinating! Would love them where I live!
4. Doug wrote:
 They are making a comeback!. If i'd known you'd be doing this...in pgh. they are installing walk signals that count down with an led how long you have to cross. They have them in Oakland near my Mcdonalds.
5. paha_siga wrote:
 Yep, we have something like this: http://www.thinkdraw.com/picture.php
?pictureId=49298 - and with red numbers for red lights. Not everywhere, though, but in places of common confusion, I think.
6. Login wrote:
 Well, you came up with something very different. Good for you.

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