Title: Christmas Lights
created on 24 Jun 09

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1. Robindcr8l wrote:
 Why didn't I think of that?? These are perfect!
2. Robindcr8l wrote:
 Except mine are always in a big knot! LOL
3. papergirl wrote:
 One of the best lights around. I'm always mesmerized and completely taken in by them.
4. maroonmonkey852 wrote:
 U r a very creative cuzin! lol nice work well done!
5. mebu27 wrote:
 This is great6! Great idea, great picture
6. Doug wrote:
 Nice Christmas lights!! Now you need a tree to hang them on.
7. jshundo wrote:
8. indigo wrote:
 AH my favorite! Well done Lilalee!
9. kmkagle wrote:
 Cute! Bright idea Lila!
10. Login wrote:
 Well done ... and don't they always tangle up!
11. lilalee wrote:
 If you take them outside in the cold, they easily untangle!!
12. pseudandry wrote:
 gum ball lights and licorice strings - and the snozberries taste like snozberries! heehee - nice, lilalee
13. mekeys wrote:
 DITTO on all the comments,but it's not even the 4th of JULY yet.
14. Angela wrote:
 Oh This is the best.
15. marg wrote:
 brill, lilalee.. just TOO good !
16. marius wrote:
 Going thru gallery - how'd I miss this? Clever! (Also like idea of edible Xmas lights!)
17. Robindcr8l wrote:
 Who voted these down? Not right!
18. LadyO wrote:
 Like this a lot!
19. kaylynn wrote:
 Congratulations, Lilalee!
20. Login wrote:
 Congratulations for Top 5, Lila ... this one took off from the moment you posted it.
21. five wrote:
22. froufrou_fox wrote:
 Congratulations, lilalee!
23. marius wrote:
24. Ria90 wrote:
 cOngrat for ur top 5!!! too
25. pollyesther wrote:
 Gratz on top 5! I thought i commented/voted on this before...brilliant pic Lilalee
26. inked_gemini wrote:
 Congratulations lilalee. This is fantastic.
27. kyung wrote:
 Congratulations, lilalee!! I don't know how I missed this!
28. lilalee wrote:
 Thanks to all for a pic that was meant to be just a silly one!!
29. magdop2 wrote:

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