Title: Silly Rabbit...Trix are for kids!
created on 12 Jun 09

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Comments on this picture (10):
1. kyung wrote:
 Jolly Rabbit!! I like the joyful atmosphere of this lovely piece. I am sure you are a nice MOM!!
2. indigo wrote:
 Love your Silly Wabbit...he looks just like him!
3. kmkagle wrote:
 What a cute Bunny Wabbit!!!!
4. Ilikecolor wrote:
 Fun, fun, fun!
5. sheftali52 wrote:
 Oh, such fun!!!
6. lilalee wrote:
 Good drawing, and bet since you have a young one, that you have lots of cerael in your cupboard!!
7. pollyesther wrote:
 oh how cute! i always felt bad for him when i was a kid lol.
8. marius wrote:
 I LOVED that rabbit as a kid. Still love him. Very nice memory and drawing too!
9. froufrou_fox wrote:
 I can almost hear his voice!
10. Login wrote:
 Nice representation af a wascaly wabbit.

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