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created on 19 Apr 09

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1. arty wrote:
 Superb. Sorry I can't vote twice
2. Raych wrote:
 wow, that is fantastic!!
3. zeksam wrote:
 You are unbelievable. I think I will just watch and vote from now on, you are an inspiration.
4. matthew wrote:
 Qsilv... This is phenominal!!! I am learning quite a bit from watching the playback... Gratz on top 5!!!
5. Login wrote:
 Not only is the child beautiful ... the drawing is breathtaking. This is the sort of drawing that keeps me coming back for more ... and seeing it being drawn is the greatest privilage of all.
6. hxxhxx wrote:
 so fabulous ... and playback makes it even more awesome!
7. lilalee wrote:
 I've watched the playback four times, and will again! The way you use the tools TD provides is amazing! She is precious, precious!!Now I'm gonna watch the magic again, and again!!
8. matthew wrote:
 WOW!!! I watched then played with trying to recreate pieces of this pic at a time... Fascinating what one can do with this medium... Thank you from my heart for sharing this pic...
9. katpedro wrote:
 Facinating, you r great.
10. Baldur wrote:
 I wish that I had this kind of patience, truly amazing
11. mekeys wrote:
 I wish i had just a tiny bit of talent.alas i'll stick to gothic where i don't need any talent.this has to be the best i have ever seen on TD.2.FIVE PLUS.
12. baby wrote:
 Very cool!
13. baby wrote:
 I keep playing it back love this.
14. kaylynn wrote:
 This one caught my breath. The best one I have seen.
15. marg wrote:
 Oh, kiddo.. just when I think I've seen it all, you come out with this. It's just superb.
16. kmkagle wrote:
 This is lovely! Her eyes seem like they're looking deeply into you.
17. marg wrote:
 Yeah.. I forgot to vote - could anyone blame me ?? (and hey, y'all, just double-check that you rated !)
18. matthew wrote:
 I keep coming back again and again... My pics now pale in comparison... You continue to motivate me to do better & better drawings... but this is setting the bar to far exceed record heights... I am now looking forward to the next day I will have time to
19. matthew wrote:
 ... ... ... draw... I will try her brother or something...
20. Robindcr8l wrote:
21. lilalee wrote:
 I'm back! My son told me at a very young age,"it's only normal for a child to be curious!" and when I look at her, well you have captured that couriousity!! And also made the child in me courious!!
22. LadyO wrote:
23. polenta wrote:
 stunning, breathtaking, amazing, incredible, great, fantastic, superb... sorry I'll go to the dictionary for some more super-positive adjectives. My English is not enough to comment on the artistic value of this picture.
24. DMarcella wrote:
 Man, I don't know when you posted this today but it looks like it got 21 votes with mine in no time. This is my favorite of all, I don't even have to think maybe it is I know it is. I hope we get the option to vote higher then 5, this one is worth a nu
25. DMarcella wrote:
 .... number I can't even come up with.
26. DMarcella wrote:
 Now I really want a favorites folder for this site. I'd like a folder of my favorites I've done too. Does this girl have a name, is she real is what I'm asking?
27. sheftali52 wrote:
 This is so truly stunning that it's difficult to rate it high enough. Thanks for taking the time to create such a magnificent masterpiece!!!!!
28. karbs wrote:
 WOW! Amazing!!!!
29. lynnspotter wrote:
 My mind is BLANK I'm so amazed!!!
30. indigo wrote:
 You would see this in a gallery...incredibly beautiful...Wow what talent!
31. gwinnyb wrote:
 so intricate and beautiful it is better than a photograph, what a protrait!I've seen nothing to equal this
32. Luna wrote:
 Wow! This is so good I may just give up. The hair is amazing, as well as the eyes nose, and mouth....
33. DMarcella wrote:
 You must of amazed yourself on this one???? Did you?
34. NINA wrote:
 One of your best! It is definitely more than a 5!
35. craftycarol wrote:
 What a fantastic portrait of a child.Would love that hanging on my wall!
36. Loni wrote:
 How about 105.... I find this absolutly amazing... Love it... Just wish I could do the playback they are all talking about....Your best I would say!
37. moodyqueen wrote:
 It’s a winner!
38. rwrightc98 wrote:
 Ditto to all the above - absolutely fantastic!
39. anotherronism wrote:
 QS: I "know" this is a girl. But what I find so fascinating is that maybe it's not. It's easily my favorite piece to date on TD. It's the eyes' The androgyny (sp?) is what compells me. Everything is just stripped away - leaving those eyes...
40. anotherronism wrote:
 Mirth, inquisitive, frightened, startled, aghast, loving, serious and playful... Those eyes...
41. Qsilv wrote:
 Ron & DM et al-- yep, a real child, age 4, bright, mischievous, affectionate. Family recognized the portrait instantly, even at a distance, and yes, strangers often are caught by that look! ;>
42. Qsilv wrote:
 I think I'll leave the gender open, merely adding that there's a knot of cousins very close in age, so I'm quite pleased to have captured this one distinctively --and thank you all for your kind comments.
43. froufrou_fox wrote:
 This is just brilliant, Qsilv. Probably the best portrait ever on TD. Truly awe-inspiring.
44. anotherronism wrote:
 It IS a boy isn't it! And therein lies the beauty... What is the Mona Lisa smiling at? And why is this girl so cute? Very same question...
45. anotherronism wrote:
 I'm not even asking anymore. I know now why this was so compelling in the first place. Gender! "She" is beautifuk becuase "he" is so cute... It's a boy!
46. anotherronism wrote:
 The wide set of the eyes... The broad nose (top and bottom)... The lips and strong chin-line.... The hair threw us off... But that's the "har-of-the-day" isn't it... It looked strange on my with my stiped pants and polka-dot shirt in the 70's but the boys
47. anotherronism wrote:
 of today have made it work...
48. anotherronism wrote:
 I can't even see a girl any more :-)
49. Qsilv wrote:
 ; >
50. Arw65 wrote:
 wow this is so wonderful, I don't know how I missed it... this looks like it could be in a gallery. just great!
51. cutegrl289 wrote:
 same here... i have no idea how i missed it. this is excellent! definitely top 5 for this entire site!
52. anotherronism wrote:
 What is so odd about this pic is that - now that I've decided it's a boy - I recognize him... Or at least... I recognize that I recognize him...
53. anotherronism wrote:
 There's a child actor out there. I have n idea what his name is... But - in the face - this is HIM. He's gotta be older now - I'm talking about the last en to five years. So the boy has grown into a man now - but this pic... This pic... I'm working on it.
54. anotherronism wrote:
 And QSilv: That "wink"'s not gonna be enough. Fess up already. I'm dying in here!
55. anotherronism wrote:
 I remember the kid. I had to do some research but I figured out who he is... It's the 2nd youngest brother in the Mel Gibson pic "The Patriot" he's also the sslimy Tommy Tommisino from the 6th sense...
56. anotherronism wrote:
 His name is Trevor Morgan...
57. anotherronism wrote:
58. Qsilv wrote:
 Interestingly similar structure, but nope. Thanks for the link, tho! You did get me curious. My portrait's of a child who's currently 4 and it's from a photo I took myself about a month ago.
59. 1020 wrote:
 wow. . .thats just. . . wow
60. marg wrote:
 hey, well done - this was always going to make it.. but I'm really glad to see it safely up there !
61. matthew wrote:
 congrats on top 5...
62. five wrote:
 Congrads on top 5. The lightness of touch in this is wonderful.
63. Login wrote:
 Hearty congratualations, Qsilv. If it had not gained it's rightful Top 5 place, I would have complained to the 'Management'.
64. DMarcella wrote:
 Login you just made me laugh because nothing could be more true this one is the best I ever seen. Congrats on Top 5. I wonder if there will even be another that come close to this one.
65. kyung wrote:
 Congrations again!!!
66. kyung wrote:
 Spelling misiake. --Congratulations--
67. lizmeister wrote:
 This is the BEST on ThinkDraw, no doubt about it. Truly beautiful (young girl) and amazing play-back.
68. LornaTomes wrote:
 Such sophisticated use of this medium....fantastic!
69. Liza wrote:
 This is unbelievable. You deserve the top prize.
70. pollyesther wrote:
 Wonderful! I'll take some lessons from this playback for sure :) thank you
71. rhys wrote:
 Words are not adequate.....
72. raydog wrote:
73. choko00 wrote:
 73. Choko00 wrote: Absolutely gorgeous.
74. kbrigan wrote:
 Out. Of. The. Park. Fantastic.
75. kbrigan wrote:
 P.S. Nice use of reserved whites.
76. marius wrote:
 I am learning from you. Thanks! This is LOVELY!
77. donna wrote:
78. Shanley wrote:
79. musicsuzy wrote:
 Portraiture is hard enough to do...but using these tools???!!!...incredible!
80. Bella7a wrote:
 I am a new member, I cannot believe your talents particularly as you are only able to use the tools on this website rather than the freedom of a canvas and your own implements. Looking forward to more. Bella7a from Australia.
81. lsuperior wrote:
 I'm pretty much stunned by this pic and your talent in general.
82. GingerNinja wrote:
 Reminds me of an Extremely young Ron Weasly! Nice job :)
83. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 Having seen your beautiful child in the showcase I've now found this and am in awe!! You bring your subject alive in a beautiful way, I hope to learn from you...
84. clorophilla wrote:
 Well, I noticed never commented this anywaqy. Thanks to Marg's remake that kept me back to this wanderful piece of art!

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