Title: Winnie the Pooh! for tahoekid4h9
created on 17 Apr 09

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Comments on this picture (18):
1. Luna wrote:
 Love this. I started a Pooh and gave up.
2. gwinnyb wrote:
 he's a little lopsided but you can tell who he is. someone asked me a long time ago for Pooh so here is my best effort.
3. sheftali52 wrote:
 It just doesn't get any better than this!
4. kmkagle wrote:
 I love this. When my son was born I did his room in Winnie the Pooh! Such fond memories. Wonderful!
5. Baldur wrote:
 this is really wonderful
6. NINA wrote:
7. Login wrote:
 A well satisfied and well drawn Pooh.
8. karbs wrote:
 This is wonderful! You are so gifted, all your drawings are great!
9. marg wrote:
 he's just wo.hun.derful !
10. sarsar wrote:
 this is amazing how did u do this
11. katpedro wrote:
 Amazing. He looks like a well Pooh.
12. bigteddy wrote:
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13. horse1657 wrote:
14. ssssoph15 wrote:
 amazing!!!! everything that you have made it INCREDIBLE!!!!!!
15. girlboy wrote:
 u guys got SKILL my things suck!!!
16. girlboy wrote:
 weres his pot of hunny did he eat it?
17. gwinnyb wrote:
 yup he ate it all!
18. singingdancingHannah wrote:
 I love your pictures so much!