Title: Thinking things over
created on 12 Apr 09

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1. lilalee wrote:
 Wonderful! Well she is probably thinking about a guy! Or I don't want to cook today! Beautiful mouth!!
2. indigo wrote:
 I love your faces! You're a good teacher!
3. kaylynn wrote:
 Thanks Lilalee and Indigo. I keep trying different things.
4. marg wrote:
 wow ! - totally different and exceptionally good - beaut pic !
5. LadyO wrote:
 What a lovely job!
6. katpedro wrote:
 Love her hair. Beautiful woman she is.
7. DMarcella wrote:
 This caught my eye right away, I love it especially the big hair.
8. NINA wrote:
 Very nice!
9. kaylynn wrote:
 Thank you for the comments!
10. matthew wrote:
 Excellent pic...
11. Login wrote:
 She is very lovely. That pensive look is not easy to achieve.
12. sheftali52 wrote:
 Nice job, all the way around!!
13. hxxhxx wrote:
 watching on replay is amazing, how the expression evolves
14. Qsilv wrote:
 Strong, pensive. Got my attention and stuck with me --probably part of why I did the lips thing.
15. marg wrote:
 congrats, kaylynn - this really is an awesome picture !
16. matthew wrote:
 congrats on top 5...
17. Login wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5, kaylynn. There is a lot of emotion in this face.
18. kyung wrote:
 Congratulations! I agree with Qsilv. My imagination was limited by using just lips for lips. Through your touch, the face turned into a beautiful art piece. What a difference...(I need to learn more and more.)
19. mostblessedone wrote:
 She has a very contemplative expression. Congratulations on Top 5!
20. pollyesther wrote:
 wonderful! thoughtful expression, very serious

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