Title: Native American "Wheel of Life"
created on 05 Feb 09

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1. NINA wrote:
2. faithfool wrote:
 Thank you NINA. And I'm not sure what happened, but the full title had "Wheel of Life" in it. Wonder where that went? It was just here....
3. arty wrote:
 Now this is just right up my street. Have had a great passion for American Indians since a child. Please give us more
4. lynnspotter wrote:
5. pollyesther wrote:
 love it!
6. faithfool wrote:
 I'm so glad everyone likes it and I'm thrilled to be back at thinkdraw after a too long absence. I missed you guys!!
7. matthew wrote:
 you can click "EDIT" & change your title back. I had a title change on me yesterday...
8. lilmiss wrote:
 great colors n awesome pic (5)
9. faithfool wrote:
10. Baldur wrote:
 mercy, what a beautiful tattoo that would make
11. matthew wrote:
 This is faithfool not mercy you goof ball...
12. marg wrote:
 hey, welcome back & stunning pic ! .. and not sure why matt's calling Baldur a golf ball.. whoops, sorry, goof
13. froufrou_fox wrote:
 This is so good!
14. Baldur wrote:
 That's one of matthew's little pet names for me, I can't repeat my pet name for him in polite company.
15. puzzler wrote:
 What a striking pic! Great flag.
16. lizmeister wrote:
 Mercy me, what a gorgeous pix.
17. anotherronism wrote:
18. faithfool wrote:
 You are all too kind! It's amazing to return and have this sort of outpouring. I thank each of you so much!!
19. likemee wrote:
20. sheftali52 wrote:
21. Ernie wrote:
 Wow, so vibrant! I lurrrrve it
22. Login wrote:
 Welcome back. This is a very eyecatching flag.
23. faithfool wrote:
 Danke', danke'!!
24. mambono5 wrote:
 awesome! loved it!
25. kmkagle wrote:
 Your work is really enjoyable to look at. It's so neat and colorful. This one is pretty too. Keep it up.
26. faithfool wrote:
 Awww, that's so sweet! Thank you both. =)
27. pollyesther wrote:
 wonderful! missed this before...grats t5!
28. mambono5 wrote:
 Congratulations for "top 5"! Way to go!
29. matthew wrote:
 GRATZ on top 5 foolish one...
30. candr wrote:
 ...so nice! Contratulations!
31. faithfool wrote:
 I've never had a Top 5 before! Thanks everyone for your votes and wonderful comments. This was a fun picture to do and a nod to my Indian heritage. May the "Wheel of Life" wear out a promising path for all Think Drawers! =D
32. maddyjean08 wrote:
 that was a beautiful speech faithfool

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