Title: Oracles Of God
created on 13 Dec 22

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1. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 My Name is Eve.
2. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 almy art work is prophetic.
3. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 My Heart pounds after my last peace was stolen
4. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 I need to lower my heart rate, but I dont know How.
5. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 I am a mother of 9, 6789
6. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 some times I think about how i could be taken ...
7. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 I called them out openly about the absolute truth..thats why...plus becuz of who i am. the e can not comprhend the absolute honor 2b Truman and not belong to this world
8. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 2023 is coming closer and BIGGER which marks everyone who lacks (thou) Mark
9. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 If TD is wondering, WHAT IS GOING ON?oops caplock... I am taking this place to confess the Truth.
10. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 back too me. But God Never Told Me The Details Of MY SIN. Had ;He explained . had , i , Known the details of my sin, He could not have made Me Go
11. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 . but i knew the sorrow but then could not comprehend it, for i was not here. i was somewhere else.. so far away
12. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 From remembrance of my sin natures exsistance
13. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 again so i closed my eyes, and fell into a deep sleep, that I have yet woke up from.
14. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 when i am home thats how I will awake. Like waking up from a Dream, right next to my who went First
15. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 sorry, dyslexia of my fingers ...LIKE waking up from a DREAM, RIGHT NEXT TO spme ONE who went First
16. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 someone else Who Uall know,known, and will KNow who went First
17. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 who;s been FirstBorn in Everything

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