Title: Waterfall
created on 13 Jan 20

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1. Cherryis wrote:
 Gorgeous, as always!!
2. indigo wrote:
 Love it!
3. eve777 wrote:
 THIS IS NOT my ORIGINAL Idea.. I saw the use of this background with waterfall , and other similar aspects and thought," what a great Idea"
4. eve777 wrote:
 then sat down and began working on doing something similar to what i saw another artist do.. Arw65 I THINK is the artist name.. I hope i got that right!!!!
5. eve777 wrote:
  I hope it is okay to do things like that.. I know that others do this with dead and gone artist's work..
6. eve777 wrote:
 99 % of the time I sit down to draw using TD as the medium , I HAVE NO CLUE WHATSOEVER what i am about to make... I simply begin putting pieces on the screen
7. eve777 wrote:
  in a way that looks good to me , then as I go i begin to possibly SEE something emerge Then I go With that ... for me it is more DRAW then Think
8. eve777 wrote:
  then sometimes i sit here checking out others work, sometimes I get inspired by what I see.. I think.. I Can do that !!!!
9. eve777 wrote:
 and It is something I enjoy painting.. WIN WIN!!! SO ANYWAY , that is usually how it goes with me
10. eve777 wrote:
 If anyone is annoyed or wondering why I do not capitalize the "i" in the word " I " i do that on purpose.. I try to only capitalize this word at the beginning of a sentence .. result i go back and forth doing it and not doing it
11. eve777 wrote:
 maybe if it is bothersome to some of my TD friends it will help to know that i do this with a purpose
12. eve777 wrote:
 I guess it is the same reason why i refuse to to lowercase the word God or Jesus if i am referring to The Great I Am .. if i am speaking about the god of this world i will never capitalize the word, god.
13. eve777 wrote:
 I only said all that because i know that it can be frustrating for OUR GENERATION , to read bad grammar even tho. TEXTING has laid the foundation for this very thing
14. eve777 wrote:
 Peace my TD Friends !!!!
15. Abbatia wrote:
 I don't know how people have such patients to make such beautiful art! Amazing!
16. AFSOUTH wrote:
 My only recommendation regarding creating TD art is to enjoy! Your art is Outstanding!
17. Lizzi wrote:
 Thank you, Eve, for your comments. I am not the most creative person and I have always come here to learn from others. So much amazing talent! I love your waterfall.

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