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created on 27 Dec 19

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1. eve777 wrote:
  I don't get it.. this is not what it looked like before I saved it.. so many details didnt get saved
2. eve777 wrote:
 I have seen this happen before, I think it is so obvious the more simple the drawing
3. Lizzi wrote:
 I like the eyes. Have you been watching ancient aliens? I have not met one of these.;D
4. eroythedog wrote:
 this is so cool!
5. bugoy1 wrote:
 Not sure why you drew a portrait of me, but it's great! ;)
6. indigo wrote:
 Lots of work! He IS cool!
7. maryspell wrote:
 wow I thought that was just a background with a cool pattern then I watch the play back to see that it was letters. So creative and unique.
8. hxxhxx wrote:
 This is what I see in my mirror, before I have my daily caffeine. Gak. I'm exposed!
9. hjjr wrote:

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