Title: Self Portrait
created on 16 Dec 19

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1. eve777 wrote:
 het Chelydra , your back... this ones for you..LOL
2. eve777 wrote:
 oops... HEY !!!!!
3. indigo wrote:
 ROFL&L&L Brilliant!!
4. eve777 wrote:
 the selfy is ME
5. hxxhxx wrote:
 Hey, that's almost how I feel on some days.
6. moonl1ght wrote:
 this is really cool!
7. stupidmonsterz wrote:
 I love this, very unique
8. eo0210 wrote:
 hey its randy
9. Lizzi wrote:
  LOL! Better than any Picasso!
10. AFSOUTH wrote:
  Outstanding & Happy Holidays!
11. Lizzi wrote:
 BTW, you're beautiful!
12. hjjr wrote:
 fiercely fabulous
13. lf18 wrote:
 super cool
14. Lilred4 wrote:
 holy cow this is amazing!
15. kyleeosmond wrote:
 this is so cool!
16. littlebean wrote:
17. LAUR wrote:
 All of the hue shifts and the tiny detailing! Hard works pays off wonderfully!
18. BinaryBot wrote:
19. AvocadoToast wrote:
20. cocorasmustar wrote:
 lol i like this picture
21. mdawrcn wrote:
 Love this!
22. Sishew wrote:
 this is awesome, so different

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