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1. indigo wrote:
 Little who bird looks frozen!LOL! I live in Ottawa the capital of Canada and we do not have snow at the moment. Mild and rainy day here but snow supposedly on the way around midnight. I'm use to having snow in December but I must admit I it's great walkin
2. indigo wrote:
 walking around in running shoes instead of boots and not worrying about icy conditions. Not fun for the kids, no sliding or ice rinks but that will happen sooner or later. Been enjoying all the Hallmark channel Christmas movies. :)
3. eve777 wrote:
 Wow, I thought living where you are meant a whole lot of snow, boy was I mistaken... I thought about titling this Moonstruck, Guess I should have
4. eve777 wrote:
 I am way down south we will be lucky if we get half a day of snow once or twice
5. eve777 wrote:
 it is just a big fat joke and huge let down when dallas makes an outside ice rink.. the ice always melts while in use
6. eve777 wrote:
 forget frozen ponds or lakes may be a frozen puddle if it is in the shade.. and no one but a fair few can drive worth a crap already imagine slick roads!
7. eve777 wrote:
 I miss snow, but if we had it everyone would shut down and close up shop..even a bran new car doesn't want to work.. so I guess I am blessed we dont really get much at all
8. eve777 wrote:
 BUT there was a time a decade and a half ago where snow was found for weeks!! maybe 2 or more decades ago.. gosh I forgot how old i was there for a second
9. eve777 wrote:
 I just reread what you said.. your about to get SNOW !! THIS NIGHT!! AWESOME
10. indigo wrote:
 Hi eve, it's 10:00 pm Saturday night and it's finally snowing and looking very much like a winter wonderland! Wish I could send you some. :)
11. havasime wrote:
 who who who

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