Title: Smile, Sea & Sky
created on 05 Nov 19

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Comments on this picture (22):
1. nyeka3 wrote:
2. Lilred4 wrote:
 very beautiful. great job!
3. indigo wrote:
4. evefoster wrote:
 your amazing
5. Lizzi wrote:
 Definitely a sweetie! Yours? Lucky you.
6. bugoy1 wrote:
 Yes. I really am a lucky guy :D
7. Normal wrote:
 Very lucky indeed! Wonderful portrait.
8. Cherryis wrote:
 This is really cool!!!!
9. hjjr wrote:
 The sun and the surf brought a charming smile to that beautiful face... glad you captured her so well.
10. Hazer wrote:
11. AFSOUTH wrote:
12. Burgandy wrote:
 Couldn't be a better combination! Life like picture!!
13. Daydreamer wrote:
 Beautiful! A delightful and inspired interpretation of the showcase theme!
14. priya41 wrote:
 Beautiful and well done! Love the warmth in her beautiful smile!
15. parkerel1 wrote:
 When do we get to meet her? And awesome!
16. KliaMia wrote:
 Beautiful work Bugoy1!
17. squizz wrote:
 AMAZING!! Hope she will be able to come visit you!
18. Shanley wrote:
 very nice portrait! lots of joy in her expression :)
19. chelydra wrote:
 charming - openly loving
20. coho wrote:
21. bugoy1 wrote:
 Though she's pretty, she's not real. Sorry to disappoint.
22. alanator wrote:
 once again awesome