Title: Saturn: fate
created on 20 Sep 19

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1. chelydra wrote:
 I was going to title this Saturn by Chance, because when I was about to start work I noticed a Load Draft option — something might be waiting to contribute to a Saturn image...
2. chelydra wrote:
 And just by luck, there was a design that wanted to become Saturn, in that standoffish, reticent , Saturnine way., that indicates it means business and it's the real McCoy...
3. chelydra wrote:
 ...even if it's a bit misshapen, awkward, and at all what you had in mind — that's how Saturn transits always are, of course, on first acquaintance. . .
4. chelydra wrote:
 . . . All wrong, but inevitable, so you've no choice but to just go along with the program, see where you end up. Only after I'd gone to work on the silhouetted Saturn-symbol (crammed in at an awkward angle, as Saturn tends to be) . . .
5. chelydra wrote:
 . . . did I notice there was some kind of portrait-profile in the background, or maybe it had been the foreground (hard to tell in the dark, dim, earthy realm of Saturn).
6. chelydra wrote:
 But as I was trying to explain before I was led astray, I decided that Saturn by Chance was the wrong title—not really saturnian enough. All those awkward, annoying, haphazard chance encounters (the silhouette vaguely suggesting the symbol I'd been
7. chelydra wrote:
 . . . intending for the past several days to draw, and the half-drawn proto-face that with his Saturnine expression or lack of it) was perhaps Fate...
8. chelydra wrote:
 Although of course Saturn defines Fate in hi own way... You make your fate through your own efforts... you take whatever scraps are around and available (things, tools, resources, relationships) and make of them what you will.
9. chelydra wrote:
 You do this constructive work only after Saturn has surveyed the situation for you, snorted, kicked, and watched it all collapse. Because whatever you thought you were doing, ...
10. chelydra wrote:
 ...wherever you thought you were going—and especially) whoever you thought you were—turns out to be nonsense and self-delusion. A house built on a foundation of feathers. Saturn blows it all away.
11. chelydra wrote:
 What's left is bare rock. On that you rebuild your life, your work, and even who you think (now know) you are.
12. chelydra wrote:
 TYPO NOTICE: In #3 above, left out "not". In #8, hi => his. Stray end-parenthesis in #10.
13. chelydra wrote:
 I really didn't do justice at all the elegant strength of Saturn's symbol. This is a travesty. The profile is more Saturnine by far.I have no recollection of who or what I was drawing when I saved him as a draft, nor when that was.
14. chelydra wrote:
 TYPO NOTICE: #14, add "to" in first line.
15. chelydra wrote:
 What I said about the nature of Saturn is really about the nature of Saturnian transits—when his 29-year circuit around the Sun makes his current position temporarily conjunct (0°), opposite (180°), or square (90°) to the place that occupi
16. chelydra wrote:
 ...Sun when you were born. BTW: The Sun's apparent position is in fact a totally accurate reflection of the Earth's real position; and anyway those apparent positions are not illusory.
17. chelydra wrote:
 They're a correct mapping of when things really are, from an earthbound point of view. As Einstein elucidated, there is no single point of view that's more accurate than another. That was NOT Einstein saying (like a spaced-out New Ager or a drug-crazed Q
18. chelydra wrote:
 . . . Quantum mechanic) "nothing is real, strawberry fields forever" in his jolly Swiss-German accent. That was the greatest scientific thinker of the 20th Century correcting the errors of his predecessors, who believed absolute Truth could be asserted wi
19. chelydra wrote:
 ...without regard for other points of view.
20. chelydra wrote:
 MORE TYPOS: #7, "was" should be "were" because it's supposed to be connected to the chance encounters in #6. And capitalize S in #6 while you're there, for the sake of consistency.
21. chelydra wrote:
 MORE TYPOS, continued: #15: "place that [WAS] occupied". #17 "mapping of when things really are" IS a typo, but might be no more incorrect than if I'd typed "where". . .
22. chelydra wrote:
 ...since after all we now know, thanks to Einstein again, that neither space no time exists independently of the other, and neither of them exists at all except as intervals between "events" involving the actions or changes of mass-energy (which is everyt
23. chelydra wrote:
 ...thing else). I guess that covers everything, since Einstein's "events" ARE everything after all. Bye for now, and have a great weekend.
24. chelydra wrote:
 (If I draw another Saturn that does the symbol justice (less injustice anyway) I will try to include warnings about who should expect a Saturn transit and when
25. chelydra wrote:
26. chelydra wrote:
 TYPO: In #14 (the typo notice), the typo was not in #14 (except for "#14" which was itself a typo), but in #13, which should say "do justice at all TO..."
27. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Outstanding and have a great weekend!
28. hjjr wrote:
 this is outstandingly fabulous, chelydra. You have a fine mind to accompany your exceptional talent.
29. bugoy1 wrote:
 Cool! I wish that I had some saved works that could make a neat story like this.
30. scoob002 wrote:
 this is so creative!
31. Qsilv wrote:
 #17 should NOT end in a dangling Q (but was easier to get over than the feathery nest of #10 -- thanks for that vision which will doubtlessly pester me 'til I exorcise it by drawing the damned thing) ;>
32. indigo wrote:
 Beautiful profile! Especially love the little lizard looking up at the beautiful profile. Hope you are feeling better chelydra. :)
33. chelydra wrote:
 Omigosh!, Indigo A lizard! It takes a sharp eye to discern what eluded even the artist! But you're right of course. Feeling quite good now, thank you.
34. chelydra wrote:
 Qsilv, hi... At first (before wondering if there might be a proprietor claim on dangling Qs) I had brief moment of worry that you might've become one of those Qanon cultists and say this as blaspheming that strange new deity.
35. chelydra wrote:
 say > saw
36. chelydra wrote:
 proprietor > proprietorY
37. chelydra wrote:
 Hi, HJJR — I've only recently acquired this fine mind. I found a couple of years ago (mostly while writing sermonettes and screeds) that my inhibitions were falling away, words would join together at much more eccentric angles. . .
38. chelydra wrote:
 ... suggesting peculiar new meanings and my tendency towards constant mis-typings and even mis-pennings was getting totally out of hand,
39. chelydra wrote:
 all indicating the first gentle stirrings of that frightening, mad, mindless, insatiable beast we call Altzheimers. I had been preparing for this moment all my life.
40. chelydra wrote:
 When I was about 17, munching on a midnight snack of cheerios, the kitchen door was ever so slightly ajar. Now and again I would catch glimpses of a grandmotherly nose.
41. chelydra wrote:
 Nana finally, cautiously entered. She had a gig that night. Not singing at a nightclub, but test-flying an airplane. It had crashed.
42. chelydra wrote:
 But that wasn't the main problem. There was also a white baby who;d been taken (accidentally or on purpose, it hardly mattered which) by an Indian squaw .
43. chelydra wrote:
 (This was the same grandmother you met about twelve years earlier (2 pictures ago) ).
44. chelydra wrote:
 Anyway, Nana and I were up half the night together, trying to solve this dilemma. She finally located the delinquent squaw, sleeping in my older sister's bed and with her husband no less. But no baby!
45. chelydra wrote:
 I could go on, and tell you how this helped prepare me to create the illusion of a fine mind, but the sun is sinking fast and I still need my daily outing in the hills and valleys and sinkholes of this godforsaken snake-infested soul-healing wilderness.
46. chelydra wrote:
 Leave me a note if you want me to continue sometime. If I can remember where this was leading, I shall try to bring it towards a semblance of a conclusion.
47. Qsilv wrote:
 (In the splendid staring match 'tween Chel & Lizard, the ultimate winner is...... Indigo!!!) ;>
48. chelydra wrote:
 yay indigo & thankquew Q
49. hjjr wrote:
 love the man and turtle looking at each other
50. hjjr wrote:
 meant to say i am intrigued that the man and turtle are looking at each other as they mull over the world... and other worlds
51. KliaMia wrote:
 Chelydra - after reading over this several times, I have to admit that I hope you never find that semblance of a conclusion! Your talent draws me in, makes me wonder and always brings a smile. And I never saw a lizard or a turtle... I see a man recording
52. KliaMia wrote:
 oh, I was long-winded too!! Ha! I see a man recording his thoughts in a microphone. :)
53. chellalynn wrote:
 love the lizard and the profile is not too shabby either..lol would love to hear the rest of the story about Nana.. And that Load Draft option is a nice surprise.
54. eve777 wrote:
 I am at a loss for words... great work and your mind is over my head at times and this maybe one of them

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