Title: Figure Study (Extra)
created on 17 Sep 19

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Comments on this picture (11):
1. Hazer wrote:
 Amazing what you can do with a couple of pieces of licorice!
2. AFSOUTH wrote:
3. Normal wrote:
 Beautiful sketch effect!
4. mekeys wrote:
 Nicely done..
5. priya41 wrote:
 Very nicely done!
6. bugoy1 wrote:
 It's been so long since my last drawing that I forgot that I have already made a figure study in candy. Oops!
7. hjjr wrote:
 cool pic, well done
8. hjjr wrote:
 ... and good to see you back on TD
9. bugoy1 wrote:
 Thanks! I really ought to get more drawings done now.
10. bugoy1 wrote:
 This is exactly 6 years from when I first joined the ThinkDraw community.
11. Lilred4 wrote:
 really cool! I can't believe some of the things you can do on here.