Title: Take on Me
created on 09 May 19

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1. Daydreamer wrote:
 Anyone else remember this a-ha hit?
2. Hazer wrote:
 Vaguely...excellent drawing!
3. evefoster wrote:
 are you talking about the SONG! One Of The Best Songs ever from the 80's.. I remember being mesmerized by the video on MTv .. I was In all Places Las Vegas ,Nevada In Circus Circus, I watched that video at least 20 times..
4. evefoster wrote:
 the first time i ever saw anything like it, switching from reality to a sketched fantasy.. took daydreaming to a whole new level ...
5. evefoster wrote:
 in fact it was so good , as far as brainwashing and musically that to this day, i hear the song in my head as if the guy is singing it.. sometimes it can get annoying.. The Phrase .. Take me on, or take on me... triggers it everytime.. so thankyou, the
6. evefoster wrote:
 song will be playing in my head for the rest of the day.. right now that's cool, but later on...:)
7. indigo wrote:
 I remember. VERY good likeness of lead singer Morten Harket.
8. Normal wrote:
 Not a clue (no surprise!) Excellent picture!
9. bugoy1 wrote:
 I still think it's the greatest music video ever created. Excellent depiction!
10. hjjr wrote:
11. evefoster wrote:
 I agree with you Bugoy1, best music video ever
12. evefoster wrote:
 i think it was the very first one i ever saw as well
13. Daydreamer wrote:
 (In case there's someone who hasn't seen the video, here's a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djV1
jV42tb5FY_PkgmK )
14. AFSOUTH wrote:
15. Jennieeee wrote:
16. priya41 wrote:
 Amazing! :)
17. chelydra wrote:
 Wow...thanks... artwork/concept were masterful I see now you caught the feeling...
18. chelydra wrote:
 Wonder how it ended—youtube blocked out the last 30 secs or so with promo boxes. Too bad about the thumpitybumpity soundtrack.
19. katidid wrote:
 Great likeness! So well done!
20. mum23 wrote:
 Great likeness!
21. squizz wrote:
 My jaw is dropping!! Please keep up the good work!!
22. lf18 wrote:
 wow super cool
23. sunshine26 wrote:
 very well done! good job!