Title: Green Green Grass of Home
created on 06 Jan 19

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1. chelydra wrote:
 A tribute to those brave men (and perhaps a few women too) who risk neurological damage and malignancies to defend our lawns from grubs, dandelions, clover, earthworms, fireflies, stray cats, noisy songbirds,
2. chelydra wrote:
 barefoot children, chipmunks, box turtles, raptors, mulberry bushes, wild mushrooms, and countless other invaders...
3. chelydra wrote:
 "Death to All Inferior Species" — wasn't that the jingle they used to sing in the old ChemLawn commercials?
4. chelydra wrote:
 Oh yeah, fireflies and honeybees. And dogs. "Show Mother Nature who's Boss!"
5. evefoster wrote:
 I Miss spring and summer!!!I dug a 7 foot long and 4 ft deep 4 ft wide pond in my postage stamp of a back yard ...filled it with fish...
6. evefoster wrote:
 almost everything you mentioned up there is in my backyard... the coolest thing was the relationships My two young one and I made with everything... I never new how cool wasps are! or fire ants, bees, ...
7. evefoster wrote:
 I watered the backyard three times a day and every bee in the world , it seemed came, dragonflies too... did you know that dragon flies play hide and seek?( the same way children do)
8. evefoster wrote:
 the mud dauber wasps would land on my bare feet to say thank you, every morning... the fire ants stopped biting us when we stepped into their path...
9. evefoster wrote:
 That postage stamp of a backyard and the combination of the insects and animals seeing us all day and knowing that we provided the water, created relationships that I had never known before. i miss summer...
10. evefoster wrote:
 that Right there is the BEST EMOJI YET!!! AND BOY DO I LIKE A NICE LAWN!
11. chelydra wrote:
 The skull-and-crossbones happy-face would be one of my best-ever original ideas if it were my idea, but I saw it somewhere, years before the internet, and stole it for my Silent Spring Lawn Care Co., in 1987.
12. chelydra wrote:
 My feelings about the subject go way way back, to when I followed my daddy around the golf course at age 7 or 8... I'd always feel ill for now apparaent reason, headachy and woozy, and I'd get a weird taste in mouth, and funny itching in nose. were I put
13. chelydra wrote:
 (now>no; also, ignore the stray words at the end in the box above) I had no idea what made me feel that way until many years later. There were wonderful painted turtles in a bog we crossed between the 2nd and 3rd hole but they were all gone a few years la
14. chelydra wrote:
 This can go on forever... but today's not the best day to invest in th writing or the reading of it... since most of you are wintering now, and probably not signing up for spraying services just yet...
15. chelydra wrote:
 But the gist of it that wen I was a kid in the 1950s, the back yard was a wonderland of fireflies, butterflies, honeybees and box turtles...
16. chelydra wrote:
 the little streams, millponds, and especially the brackish bays were overflowing with critters—flounder, crabs, clams...
17. chelydra wrote:
 I once heard Sen Alfonse d'Amato reminisce about how Island Park's estuaries gave his mama all the mountains of seafood she needed for awesome pasta sauces... when they first moved east from the city
18. chelydra wrote:
 Where did everyone go? Why the glum silence? The face of the night so dark, everything so lifeless, the waters just sterile muddiness?
19. chelydra wrote:
 50-60 years of lawn chemicals poured everywhere in an endless war against nature—what else would you expect? (duh)
20. chelydra wrote:
 All to make sure the clover, buttercups and earthworms are banished from those plasticky fake-looking lawns and golf courses.
21. chelydra wrote:
 Stupidity? Craziness? Sure, but you bought stock in Monsanto in the 1950s, you probably got a nice return on your investment.
22. chelydra wrote:
 And now that Monsanto is owned by Bayer, those chemicals have come full circle.
23. chelydra wrote:
 Many of the chemicals we think are just for bugs and weeds were developed were originally regarded as useful not only in agriculture, but also in war. A chemical that can turn a farm into a dead zone can do the same for battlefields and for concentration
24. chelydra wrote:
 camps. (Apologies as always for typos above.) When the Allies broke up I.G. Farben (Bayer was one of the pieces of the old conglomerate), and American companies were able to grab some of the patents from the dissolution of IG Farben.
25. chelydra wrote:
 And there was a marvelous new market in the postwar construction boom, with vast tracts of new suburban lawns. So the chemicals got rebranded (without swastikas) and the rest is history.
26. chelydra wrote:
 But before I go, thank you evefoster for reminding us of the joy and magic of those humble little critters that sometimes even now can be found cavorting in our back yards.
27. chelydra wrote:
 And I just re-read EF's comments and noticed what she (you) was actually saying... about the friendships and gratitude - wow!!!
28. chelydra wrote:
 And one little footnote—if anyone feels it's a bit over-the-top and sickeningly opportunistic for me to bring in the old Nazi connection... just look up "Monsanto and Blackwater" — it's not far-fetched at all... The more you dig in the layer
29. chelydra wrote:
 in these layers of information, the more sleeping monsters you awaken... But rather than enter into that nightmare realm, you can just steer clear of the poisons and breathe free.
30. evefoster wrote:
 you are an amazing writer/speaker... have you written any books? Oh and I know Just how deep rabbit wholes go...all the way up and down, and side to side, never ending..no secret will stay hidden,..
31. katidid wrote:
 Love the pic Chelydra, and the info. Don't get me started on Monsanto (now Bayer) all parties concerned ought to strung and quartered. Evefoster, nice piece on your interactions with the critters. :)
32. elilow wrote:
 amazing job

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