Title: lucky fall
created on 18 Sep 18

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Comments on this picture (14):
1. Lolla wrote:
 For me it's Spring, but very dry, windy and dust. Haven't had rain for a long time. Good to see you again!!!
2. pinkie wrote:
 Very nice picture for autumn!
3. katidid wrote:
 Pretty! Nice to see you drawing!
4. Normal wrote:
 Hello! Very timely and lovely leaf.
5. janice wrote:
 very nice! :)
6. chelydra wrote:
 Ditto Lolla, including the last bit.
7. indigo wrote:
 VERY pretty!
8. clrmered wrote:
 Very nice
9. hjjr wrote:
10. priya41 wrote:
 Very pretty!
11. AFSOUTH wrote:
12. nancylee wrote:
 I love fall!!!!
13. gimzer wrote:
14. Shanley wrote:
 ah, here it is, that autumn feeling! Hope you're doing great, Polly!