Title: Summertime Picnic Cake
created on 31 Aug 18

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Comments on this picture (7):
1. lexa wrote:
 with crystalized flowers and real whipped cream :)
2. janice wrote:
 beautiful cake! :)
3. bugoy1 wrote:
 Nice cake!
4. Normal wrote:
 How on earth did you get it to the picnic without messing up the intricate icing? Lovely.
5. katidid wrote:
6. lexa wrote:
 Normal - thanks - here's what i did. ok - cake is on a platter that is glued to plastic box top which is a box bigger than the cake. the box is placed down on the cake with the top - so the box is really upside down. then we load the box onto a special va
7. lexa wrote:
 a special van with special shock absorbers and drive it to the picnic. perfect! OR - i brought the cake in big box where the plate cannot move. put it on the picnic table and then decorated it - ta da! LOL