Title: purple water fall
created on 30 Mar 18

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Comments on this picture (16):
1. AFSOUTH wrote:
2. janice wrote:
 thank you AFSOUTH :)
3. artdillon wrote:
 just gorgeous
4. Normal wrote:
 I can hear the rushing water!
5. janice wrote:
 thank you artdillon :)
6. janice wrote:
 thank you Normal, glad you like my drawing! :)
7. hjjr wrote:
8. janice wrote:
 thank you, hjjr :)
9. katidid wrote:
 So pretty!
10. janice wrote:
 thank you katidid :)
11. janice wrote:
 thank you glad you love my purple water fall :)
12. indigo wrote:
 Very nice!
13. janice wrote:
 thank you, indigo :)
14. lexa wrote:
 hi - i really like this scene - the water actually moves- and there are good colors :)
15. lexa wrote:
 and -oh - i forgot. you certainly are doing and studying many things. violin is far from easy- it's a hard instrument. i'm not big into violin, but you gotta checkout Augustin Hadelich -youtube :)
16. janice wrote:
 thank you lexa, and I will checkout Augustin Hadelich on you tube :)