Title: "Winter is not a season..."
created on 23 Jan 18

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Comments on this picture (10):
1. Daydreamer wrote:
 "...it's an occupation." (Sinclair Lewis)
2. indigo wrote:
 VERY good!! Nice scarf and mitts! :)
3. Billa wrote:
 Lol! Great pic!! :D
4. pinkie wrote:
 So well done! Terrific details!
5. bugoy1 wrote:
6. katidid wrote:
 LOL, so true! Great depiction of quote!
7. Normal wrote:
 Ditto pinkie! Old Sinclair had that right, for sure.
8. Handsdown wrote:
 This is really good
9. Jakeowenn17 wrote:
 this is awesome
10. Jessistrain3 wrote:
 This is so cute!