Title: In the wild
created on 13 Sep 17

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1. Normal wrote:
 Let's hope this beauty enjoys a full life in the woods and avoids a nasty death on the roads.
2. Daydreamer wrote:
 Yes, Normal--I live in the Ozarks and we always have to be on the lookout for them!
3. clrmered wrote:
4. indigo wrote:
 Beautifully done! Stay safe little one! :)
5. pinkie wrote:
 I like the expression! Lovely surroundings!
6. Amanda_Mower wrote:
 Beautiful! i love the depth of the surroundings!
7. bugoy1 wrote:
 Wonderful! I spent some time near your neck of the woods at Leonard Wood
8. janice wrote:
 very good! :)
9. katidid wrote:
 How sweet is this! Perfect woodland scene!
10. coho wrote:
11. Lazy wrote:
 Wonderful scene & adorable deer.
12. farout wrote:

fect! :)
13. BeachBabe99 wrote:
14. scooper wrote:
 I'm still learning this. Haven't seen all these options. Really good.
15. hjjr wrote:
16. priya41 wrote:
 Great job!
17. Fangzzz wrote:
 you captured the gentle spirit with grace
18. KJLavigne wrote:
 This demonstrates camouflage and depth!
19. mum23 wrote:
 Wonderful! Such gentle and dignified creatures.
20. AFSOUTH wrote:
21. Shanley wrote:
 So beautiful!