Title: Flying the flag for Think Draw!
created on 25 Jan 09

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Comments on this picture (18):
1. Qsilv wrote:
2. pollyesther wrote:
 oh yeah!
3. Login wrote:
 Nice one, puzzler.
4. kmkagle wrote:
 Nice going! Very original! Nice work.
5. puzzler wrote:
 Thanks. I think this could be a rather bland category without a bit of lateral thinking.
6. franflair wrote:
7. puzzler wrote:
 Have you been drinking franflair?
8. Luna wrote:
 Good one!
9. DMarla wrote:
 I love this.
10. marg wrote:
 I call it toadying in the extreme ! (yeah, ok, it's a nice pic, but.. alright, I gave it 5*, nuffing wrong with toadying))
11. figurativelyspeaking wrote:
 Cool. Very bubbely :-)
12. puzzler wrote:
 Lol marg! Have got to keep in with TD or they might take my toys away!
13. lizmeister wrote:
14. nancylee wrote:
 I completely love this!
15. Fatty_nubnub wrote:
 That is a true master piece!
16. faithfool wrote:
 What a wonderful idea!! I'm sure TD will stand up and notice.
17. himason15 wrote:
 fatty nubnub lol and lolgreat pic
18. waterliker wrote: