Title: Where In The World Is This...
created on 23 Jan 09

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1. candr wrote:
 The location of the first date with my husband! By the way, this was inspired by puzzler, but not nearly as good. :-)
2. pamny24 wrote:
 That's Stone Mountain in Georgia! Was just there in September. Great Job!
3. autumn wrote:
 I've never heard of this place before...I actually learn alot on TD. you did a really good job on it from the pics I saw on google!!
4. rwrightc98 wrote:
 Great job!
5. sheftali52 wrote:
 very nice--and memorable for you, too!
6. marg wrote:
 sorry I missed this - it's beaut ! I looked up Stone Mountain, but couldn't see where you got the idea from.. but the bit in the middle of your pic looks like riders & horses, and is what I think is great
7. lynnspotter wrote:
 Google~ 'Stone Mountain GA' & you will see how well this is done!!(I just looked at wikipedia)
8. qwer wrote:
 Very lovely.
9. candr wrote:
 Thanks! It is at Stone Mountain Park, which is just outside of Atlanta, GA. The green foreground is a HUGE lawn where thousands of people come have picnics and watch a laser show and fireworks on summer evenings. For our first date we actually hiked to
10. candr wrote:
 ...the top and watched the fireworks from up there on the 4th of July. That made it up close and very cool! The carving is actually a civil war memorial -- and yes, you do see horses. I just wasn't able to capture it very well on that small of a scale.
11. Login wrote:
 Cut and paste the following: http://www.city-data.com/picfilesc/p
icc14178.php This drawing is a marvellous representation. You captured it perfectly.
12. puzzler wrote:
 This is great! Looks just like it. I hadn't heard of it before. Gives me a warm feeling to know I was the source of your inspiration.
13. candr wrote:
 If any of you are ever in Atlanta, I highly recommend a visit. The laser show is awesome and if you hike to the top you can get a great view of the Atlanta skyline. At least you could at one time -- not sure if smog is an issue now or not. :-)
14. anotherronism wrote:
 How odd! I haven't thought of this place for years. And just last night we were speaking of it. Then I sign on to TD an viola! Strange. Great pic btw!
15. Luna wrote:
 Beautiful job! I was going to do that one and never got around to it.
16. candr wrote:
 Thanks! You ought to go ahead and do it. This was actually my third attempt due to the first two being lost in that "save draft" bug. By the third time around, I was in a hurry and didn't do as good a job. I'd love to see a version by you!
17. pollyesther wrote:
 this is wonderful!!
18. kmkagle wrote:
 It's hard for me to choose my favorite of yours. This one is very nice. It had to be tedious putting it together. Nice job!
19. KJLavigne wrote:
 Stone Mountain. I've been there. Great likeness.

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