Title: Earth's Sky
created on 27 Feb 15

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Comments on this picture (23):
1. bugoy1 wrote:
 This one is my wife's favorite painting. Apologies to Vincent for my lack of ability to depict his work properly.
2. Lizzi wrote:
 Love it!
3. clorophilla wrote:
 this is the best starry night ever on TD!
4. Normal wrote:
 Marvellous Starrry Night.
5. mrozowski wrote:
 I have to agree with Clo. Gorgeous colors and movement.
6. Roza58 wrote:
 I like yours Gallery.[sorry,I speak not good English]
7. indigo wrote:
 VERY,very nice! ^}^
8. okeanos wrote:
 Ditto all !!!!
9. mdawrcn wrote:
 I have to agree with Clo also.
10. hjjr wrote:
 a fabulous rendition... out of beads, no less
11. priya41 wrote:
 SUPERB-ly done!
12. katidid wrote:
 Beautiful! Interesting playback too. Congrats on finishing the 11 pallets!
13. gimzer wrote:
14. pinkie wrote:
 Very well done!
15. kittycat99 wrote:
 love it!!!
16. starlight7 wrote:
17. mum23 wrote:
 This is breathtaking!!!
18. katidid wrote:
 This is truly masterful! A well deserved Top 5! Congrats on all of your Top 5's bugoy1!
19. bballboy1998 wrote:
 I love the colors and just the way this picture flows. It almost looks as if it is the real Starry Night photo with the colors, detail, and placement that you used.
20. chelydra wrote:
 The best yet of dozens of attempts — I think you;re the first to compress it into TD format successfully. It's a painting that changed my life when I was 11 and saw it in a book. You have a good wife!
21. Lazy wrote:
 Dreamy Art.
22. gene wrote:
 The Picture is famous in sooo many ways. You probably don't understand. I'm a whovian and I'm glad to say it. But this picture is very well portrayed. bravo!
23. kailey06 wrote:
  i know this art! but love it!