Title: the keeper
created on 05 Feb 15

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Comments on this picture (18):
1. indigo wrote:
 LOVE this! *}*
2. pinkie wrote:
 Wonderful detail!
3. Lolla wrote:
 Wish there was a challenge where we can see who copy you the best. Use it as a tutorial. Your work is amazing!!!
4. Lizzi wrote:
 Not just a crooked tree! I am amazed, as usual.
5. Login wrote:
 Keeper or Peeper? :D
6. Normal wrote:
 Orange grove keepers have their work cut out for them. California dries up, Florida freezes up! Very nice.
7. katidid wrote:
8. priya41 wrote:
 Ditto katidid ! Fantastic !
9. JustaslaZy wrote:
 Really clever and beautiful art.
10. clrmered wrote:
 Absolutely Lovely!!!
11. karbs wrote:
 Great work as usual!
12. mum23 wrote:
 You do these so brilliantly well!
13. hjjr wrote:
 love your style
14. dethis wrote:
 Simply stunning.
15. gimzer wrote:
16. Lizzi wrote:
 Mother Nature, always on duty.
17. clorophilla wrote:
 I love when you play with the figure/background gestalt!
18. bballboy1998 wrote:
 I love the way that you can see the woman just kind of poking through the background!