Title: Delicate Arch IV
created on 27 Jan 15

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Comments on this picture (19):
1. Baldur wrote:
 Absolutely delightful
2. mrozowski wrote:
 Delicate indeed
3. mum23 wrote:
 Absolutely wonderful!
4. indigo wrote:
 Excellent! *J*
5. hjjr wrote:
 nicely done, bugoy
6. Normal wrote:
 We're getting all the angles possible! Wonderful.
7. Normal wrote:
 (Gosh, is that Blueberry Hill in the background? Must be where we "got our thrill...")
8. bugoy1 wrote:
 :) Funny, Normal!
9. JustaslaZy wrote:
 Yep, I'd hang this one up in my house :)
10. Lizzi wrote:
 I love the sunny glow, but the muscle-man is still my fave.
11. Lizzi wrote:
12. kittycat99 wrote:
 this is awesome! Absolutely beautiful!
13. bugoy1 wrote:
 Sorry that this one doesn't have the appealing backside that the last one had, Lizzi. :)
14. priya41 wrote:
 Very well done!
15. katidid wrote:
 Nice arch! But I must say, ditto Lizzi! :-)
16. KJLavigne wrote:
 Love it!
17. farout wrote:
18. OD96 wrote:
19. marg wrote:
 brilliant :)