Title: Crossword
created on 26 Jul 14

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1. Kavyle wrote:
 DOWN: 1. Another word for "sketch"; to ____. / / 3. "I _____, therefore, I am."
2. Kavyle wrote:
 ACROSS: 2. A creative activity usually involving painting, drawing, sewing, or performing.
3. Kavyle wrote:
 i feel like i learned a lot from doing this
4. Fangzzz wrote:
 you get a star for all the work to get there, man oh man! Spoiler alert: (draw, think, art) love that you truly made a puzzle
5. crane wrote:
6. pinkie wrote:
 Good crossword!
7. Normal wrote:
 Now there's a favorite puzzle!
8. katidid wrote:
 Very well done!
9. Burgandy wrote:
 This is excellent!!
10. Lizzi wrote:
 VERY good, Kavyle!
11. Kavyle wrote:
 thank you so much, everyone!
12. Sakari wrote:
 Think, draw and art fit perfectly!!
13. priya41 wrote:
 clever! Very good! ( i love solving crossword puzzles)
14. suzze wrote:

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