Title: Think before you draw
created on 13 Jun 14

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Comments on this picture (17):
1. marg wrote:
 excellent - what a super pic, randy !
2. InTheOcean wrote:
 The hand is excellent! Very real looking :)
3. indigo wrote:
 Well done! *J*
4. priya41 wrote:
 very good!
5. Lizzi wrote:
 And I like that you have put a little love in it. Yay for southpaws!
6. pinkie wrote:
 Such good advice! Great picture!
7. Normal wrote:
 Always a good plan! (Why don't I remember that?) Good one!
8. puzzler wrote:
 This deserves a big hand!
9. mum23 wrote:
 gotta hand it to you...
10. Fangzzz wrote:
 You did exceptionally well navigating through a limit amount of line directions.
11. Burgandy wrote:
 Wow!! Perfect pen in hand!!
12. Login wrote:
 Good advice ... and good drawing. LOL at puzzler.
13. suzze wrote:
14. clorophilla wrote:
 can't believe a never noticed your pics! You have a great gallery!
15. josh02 wrote:
 i like it good one
16. mdawrcn wrote:
 Happy Birthday randylynne!
17. indigo wrote:
 Oct.8,2014 Best Wishes on your Birthday Randylynne! *J*

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