Title: Frozen in Time
created on 12 Nov 13

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1. InTheOcean wrote:
 This is very beautiful. I would have never guessed you are a new artist. If this is your first pic, I can't imagine how good your future ones will be. Keep drawing and welcome to TD! :)
2. Normal wrote:
 Like one of those face lift ladies? Nice to have you aboard - enjoy ThinkDraw!
3. Lizzi wrote:
 Fascinating face. I like the shading. As first pictures go, this is a masterpiece. Welcome!
4. priya41 wrote:
 ditto. Lizzi! Welcome to TD!
5. hjjr wrote:
 very nice!
6. bluemoon wrote:
 well done!
7. bugoy1 wrote:
 This is well thought out! Welcome to Think Draw!
8. suzze wrote:
9. Fluttershy wrote:
 Wow, you just joined and your already this great!
10. clorophilla wrote:
 this is a coooooool first picture. Welcome to TD, hope you'll draw again!!
11. Lizzi wrote:
 Congratulations on your Top 5 win! I hope this is not your last picture. We are all waiting expectantly to see your next!
12. bugoy1 wrote:
 Yes - what Lizzi said.
13. DilCoura wrote:
 Parabéns Top 5!

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