Title: Home of the Brave!
created on 18 Sep 13

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1. methusalinka wrote:
  der er noget at grine af og til..og der er a bit or more of wisdom too...i dit bilede her lizzy og nÃ¥r du er sÃ¥ vittig, kan jeg jo ik bare rejse mig op og finde mit nattøj, vel...
2. indigo wrote:
 Never thought I'd say that but "Cute little worm"! -J*
3. indigo wrote:
 I also wanted to say love your title and nice lettering.
4. methusalinka wrote:
 and when your telling is so true I stop laughing and just applause your home of the brave.and then say godnat
5. methusalinka wrote:
 guess my trying to give you a riddle cause you did so well with "stille hjerte sol gÃ¥r ned" even replied giving me a prair in my own language! but here I guess I I better tell
6. methusalinka wrote:
 or you begin to send my comments in esperanto or..so here it is as the worm in the Apple was peeking out I began here is a lot to laugh at and there is a lot of wisdom too in your pic lizzi and when you are so witty-wize how can I get off the chair and c
7. methusalinka wrote:
 call it a night, aint that easy, right but now its morning here and have to hurry for the bus. have a good thursday!
8. hjjr wrote:
9. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Good one!

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