Title: just cause its so much fun
created on 12 Aug 13

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1. momeoky wrote:
 Fun to watch the PB progress to the finish!
2. Lizzi wrote:
 Great PB! The pool party is well underway! May I jump in too?
3. methusalinka wrote:
 sure lizzi just do it. just as I just did it. had lots of ideas for what it could be and with each moving them bits it got more and more out of hand. or they got out of hand. so lets say its a pool party every ones wimsy and its just so much fun.what a sp
4. methusalinka wrote:
 what a splash.at 6am! thanks to both of you there where you are lizzi and momeoky for hopping in.linka
5. clorophilla wrote:
 it was a funny splash!
6. methusalinka wrote:
 so you clo did hop too. welcome and tak. before lizzi did, I felt a bit embarassed, but we are all kids at times too, right, even when we pass a bit, or more, into the seventies..so now I only think, we had some fun to share.
7. methusalinka wrote:
 by the way isnt it tuesday to day.yes it is. then maybe the subject on FunTuesday could be : an OOPS! when we get it all wrong and we all know how that is. so I have done mine tonight.so if you have not already another subject,
8. methusalinka wrote:
 maybe it could be the one for today, and if you have one ready for today, maybe the OOps could be on the list.
9. methusalinka wrote:
 and now friends this oldy have to put herself under the cover its 10am, but I have not slept at all. making fun took all night, so I better try to get some hrs. godnat and thanks for the splash.guess I dream about it,see us all hop in. when I do sleep.lin
10. methusalinka wrote:
11. hjjr wrote:
 it is fun
12. methusalinka wrote:
 tak hjjr and godnat to all I know, wont be on td tomorrow. but on friday I am back. big sleepy smile.linka
13. Lizzi wrote:
 Now I see a big 'smiley face'. Great design for a pool!