Title: Yellow brick road.
created on 01 Aug 13

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Comments on this picture (20):
1. ceniracoura wrote:
2. Normal wrote:
 We HAD to have that one! Just perfect.
3. Burgandy wrote:
 Off to see the Wizard:)
4. karbs wrote:
 Great pic!
5. indigo wrote:
 Love Toto! Wonderful pic! *J*
6. priya41 wrote:
 Adorable! Love it!
7. suzze wrote:
8. hjjr wrote:
 good one!
9. Bowden wrote:
 Intriguing... follow the yellow brick road?
10. Lolla wrote:
 A cheerful picture!
11. Lizzi wrote:
 Perfect! I like it when Dorothy looks her age.
12. riley8 wrote:
 I like it.
13. nancylee wrote:
 Wonderful! Great idea and such a carefree depiction!
14. momeoky wrote:
 SO simple, yet delightful! Fabulous! Thanks!
15. Envinceble wrote:
 Beautiful work Jazzlet! like always
16. pinkie wrote:
 Very good work! Congratulatiions Top5!
17. farout wrote:
18. DilCoura wrote:
 Parabens Top 5!!!
19. Virgil wrote:
 Nicely drawn.
20. tigerluv wrote:
 congrats on top 5! this pic toto-aly had to make it.