Title: Summer Rain
created on 10 Jun 13

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Comments on this picture (44):
1. Meander wrote:
 Originally by Steve Hanks.
2. mdawrcn wrote:
3. Hazer wrote:
 Love this!
4. bluemoon wrote:
 beautifully done
5. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Grand and wonderful!
6. Hobbes wrote:
7. priya41 wrote:
 AMAZING! one of the MOST wonderful pic!
8. Lolla wrote:
 Too good to be (animal) true!!! The PB is like watching a movie. BEST EVER!!!!
9. Jazzlet wrote:
 This is brilliant! Love the facial expessions and also the brolly detail.
10. clorophilla wrote:
 This is soooo amazing! So much details and so lively, and in Animals!
11. millikins wrote:
 Absolutely stunning!!Have to look very hard to recognise that it's from Animals!!!!!
12. karbs wrote:
13. BenMeyer2005 wrote:
14. marg wrote:
 absolutely brll !
15. Normal wrote:
 Don't know this artist, but your rendition is delightful!
16. pinkie wrote:
 Looks amazing!!
17. CMD14 wrote:
 This is Fantastic!!!! I love it!
18. indigo wrote:
 Brilliant! (she says with a big smile... an ahhhhh in her heart) *J*
19. indigo wrote:
 Forgot to mention that umbrella is incredible!
20. hjjr wrote:
 a delightful pic
21. Lizzi wrote:
 Summer dresses and rubber boots, all different colours. It looks like fun! It's fantastic.
22. DilCoura wrote:
 Uau! arrasou!! brilhou!!!!! amei!!!!!!!!
23. jclr wrote:
 All I can say is WOW! Beautiful composition...
24. KJLavigne wrote:
 Magnificent work!
25. suzze wrote:
26. Burgandy wrote:
 Amazing and so well done!
27. Chrissyjoy wrote:
28. Vals wrote:
 A lovely pic!
29. mrozowski wrote:
 Superb, especially the umbrella.
30. chelydra wrote:
 faving here feels like joining the stampede but it's a very nice stampede
31. okeanos wrote:
32. sandm wrote:
 love this song...
33. mekeys wrote:
34. nancylee wrote:
 Completely astonishing!
35. Suleidona wrote:
 O, my God, Meander! What a beautiful art work!
36. Login wrote:
 Delightful ... and the umbrella is brilliant.
37. indigo wrote:
 Congratulations TOP 5! *J*
38. DilCoura wrote:
 Parabens Top 5!
39. Luna wrote:
40. erif wrote:
 i luv t.. :)
41. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Hope all is well with you Meander! I always look forward to your TD artwork!
42. funkypurple wrote:
43. Shanley wrote:
 sweet....so candid :)
44. hjjr wrote:
 love this!!