Title: The Snowman ....
created on 27 Dec 12

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Comments on this picture (23):
1. Rekid wrote:
2. LadyO wrote:
 love it
3. Login wrote:
 Jazzlet, he's wonderful!
4. nancylee wrote:
 The cheerful face of snow! Lovely!
5. pinkie wrote:
 A realistic snowman!! Well done!
6. Lolla wrote:
 I love the hat! He is definitely the best snowman of the season.
7. hjjr wrote:
 nicely done, Jazzlet
8. DilCoura wrote:
 Muito bom!!!!
9. Hobbes wrote:
10. clorophilla wrote:
 very nice... I put it in the Frosty gallery! http://www.thinkdraw.com/forumPosts.
11. linmar wrote:
 well done snowman!
12. stevedover1965 wrote:
13. Jazzlet wrote:
 Thanks clorophilla, I didnt know there was a frosty gallery, All those interpretations!
14. priya41 wrote:
 VERY well done! Love this snowman :
15. suzze wrote:
16. endless1 wrote:
 i love it!!!
17. Lizzi wrote:
 Lucky snowman, so well-dressed!
18. AFSOUTH wrote:
 From The Great Wild West to the Isle of Wight, Happy New Year!
19. kmkagle wrote:
 How nice this is. Like your work.
20. panini wrote:
 is that frosty with the magic hat love it
21. sandm wrote:
 :)pretty! love the hat:)
22. gimzer wrote:
 very nice
23. farout wrote:
 splendid snowman: