Title: What's behind the curtain?
created on 30 Oct 12

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1. sandm wrote:
 pretty eyes!
2. puffmias73 wrote:
3. puffmias73 wrote:
 I kind of creeped myself out on this one though lol!
4. sandm wrote:
 very well done:)
5. puffmias73 wrote:
 What's behind the curtain that has a hand so white...?
6. sandm wrote:
 not enough sun?
7. puffmias73 wrote:
 or some undead creature lol
8. sandm wrote:
 ok, you should know it:)
9. Lizzi wrote:
 Just waiting for me! How deliciously spooky!
10. indigo wrote:
 -J^ Watch out for zombies! LOL!
11. puffmias73 wrote:
 Let the viewers decide, what's behind the curtain?

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