Title: fall is a firework welcoming spring
created on 29 Aug 12

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1. bluemoon wrote:
 great pic and PB
2. indigo wrote:
 Beautiful!! ^J^
3. clorophilla wrote:
 ..and the playback shows it all!
4. Burgandy wrote:
 Very Good!
5. kata wrote:
 beautiful picture, title and PB!
6. linmar wrote:
 very nice :)
7. methusalinka wrote:
 to all of you 6 friends wwho again have given me faith and strength.tak.you always make me go on.godnat
8. okeanos wrote:
 very nice!
9. priya41 wrote:
 love your pics!
10. golehto wrote:
 love it :)
11. mum23 wrote:
 beautiful, and the playback is glorious!
12. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Excellent and in the running for top 5! Way to go!
13. methusalinka wrote:
 all friends commenting on my picture of the two trees I want you to know how good all you have said makes me feel.
14. methusalinka wrote:
 as you know by now trees are like family to me. has been since little.we sort of grew up together.they stay longer than I but how I love when we are here together.so to get the deepest compliments for this one.means a lot to me.tak
15. Lolla wrote:
 I'm soooo happy for you!!! You deserve it long ago. A big South Africa hug and go girl go!!!! Maybe if you listen deep you can hear me cheering for you.
16. methusalinka wrote:
 lolla you are a true friend. and yes I can hear it.to morrow I tell you more.men tusindetak af hele mit hjerte.godnat nu fra linka
17. Lizzi wrote:
 Congratulations on your Top 5! This is great!
18. kata wrote:
 congratulations linka! On Top 5! So glad for you!! :)
19. methusalinka wrote:
 I can lolla.af hele mit hjerte tak.og :say hello to your africa from me.a big part of me belongs there too. my ancestors the gipsies been there and my formothers told my soal all abt. their long journey..
20. methusalinka wrote:
 so maybe thats why.or africa is in all of us.cause just the way they hug..with all they are.love it.miss it.wish to bring bits of it all the way up to here.and some times I believe I did and do.and you help me to believe that.tak
21. methusalinka wrote:
 OG TRÆERNE som jeg i picture..nu har fÃ¥et top five for..ja jeg er sÃ¥ glad det blev dem,
22. methusalinka wrote:
 for træer har altid været mine guides.. og som bitte lille, bundet med et tov til et,fordi jeg rendte, fik jeg lov at lytte til kastanjetræets stille stemme og føls med hende,tæt pÃ¥.har aldrig glemt det.tak for at tro mig.linka
23. methusalinka wrote:
 and this to have one more top five I share with you my friends cause you have all part in it.you have been there pushing kindly, commenting so that I became stronger than I thought I was,
24. methusalinka wrote:
 and eager to do what I can.and let them bits show me.thus:tusindetak to all of you.now its back to work hard, to go on.but first get some sleep.go to eldercenter, and then TD.happy I am one of you all.godnat igen from linka
25. methusalinka wrote:
 its such a kind and caring gesture from you to say what you say lolla. when I came home and read it yesterday at twilighttime..I felt overwhelmed glad . , and stronger..
26. methusalinka wrote:
 I still do. and yes I can hear. lolla.af hele mit hjerte tak.og :say hello to your africa from me.a big part of me belongs there too. my ancestors the gipsies been there and my formothers told my soal all abt. their long journey..
27. methusalinka wrote:
 pls ignore the last one,its getting very late again, and I thought I had not replied. but I had.so pls forget that oops repeting the same text.hi
28. Lolla wrote:
 My dear, dear Linka, I think you need a good nights rest. Sleep well!!!!
29. methusalinka wrote:
 tak lolla. you could not be more right! but I did not get that sleep.caught by them bits.came to my bed 5am too late.but to night its an order I give me.sleep.adore what you say.and do what you say.sleep.before midnight is here.and when its night where y
30. methusalinka wrote:
 ...you are, : you too!
31. hjjr wrote:
 lovely playback and final pic
32. Login wrote:
 You've captured the feeling of falling leaves ... love it. 'Welcoming spring' ... does that mean winter is cancelled? :)
33. methusalinka wrote:
 nope! and more on this when I come home from the public library where I am now.see you later to night.that is up here for us night appr.8pm hi from linka
34. Fangzzz wrote:
 "trees are like family for me" yes I was going to say I can tell you dance and talk to trees as you have their voice in your drawing of them.