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1. five wrote:
2. mdawrcn wrote:
3. Burgandy wrote:
 Now I know what you are doing when you aren't drawing:)
4. Lizzi wrote:
 LOL, excellent revelation! May I have your recipe? I wonder if there are some pieces missing from your apparatus...
5. Normal wrote:
 (Just my ancestor with the shotgun.)
6. linmar wrote:
 :) good pun for the showcase!
7. AFSOUTH wrote:
8. golehto wrote:
9. kata wrote:
10. Normal wrote:
 Other names, for our TD friends; white lightning, (S. Afr, witblits.) Mid-east - raki, rakia or arak. Brazil - cachaca. Canada - screech (LOVE that!) Kenya - Kill Me Quick. Scandiavia - hjemmebrent/German - Schwartzgebrannt. Rus - samogon, Pol - bimber, C
11. Normal wrote:
 Congo - Latoko. Seems people do this everywhere.
12. Normal wrote:
 Forgot T & T - Mountain Dew!
13. Normal wrote:
 And Ireland - potin, & Scotland - peatreek (love that, too!)
14. Normal wrote:
 Rats! This is what's wrong with this "most popular" thing! NOT my intention.
15. bluemoon wrote:
16. inked_gemini wrote:
 Wonderful...and educational as well, lol.
17. clorophilla wrote:
 it seems quite the same of Italian Grappa!
18. kata wrote:
 in Greece 'raki' is often mixed with honey and served warm. In the island of Crete 'tsigoudia' is made from grapes and is very very popular! Oh-pa !
19. Lizzi wrote:
 Burgandy started a topic- white flowers on white. I am not having much fun so far- it's hard to do!
20. ANGELAotheracct wrote:
 ;D SO Clever! ♥ it.
21. nancylee wrote:

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