Title: seascape
created on 06 Jul 12

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Comments on this picture (34):
1. Hobbes wrote:
2. indigo wrote:
 Beautiful! Especially love the mountain and cloud. ^J^
3. five wrote:
4. marg wrote:
 yep - brill - but why did you cover over the rocks with purple ?
5. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Reflective brilliance! Truly outstanding!
6. nancylee wrote:
 Completely amazing - drew me right in!
7. artdillon wrote:
 thanks all,...in answer to your question marg,simply to separate the cloud from the land.
8. indigo wrote:
 I'm trying Queeky again...it's not too bad,I think I'll get the hang of it. I need A LOT of practice! I can't even imagine achieving the amazing art I see there. ~J^
9. sandm wrote:
 I`m trying "real painting", and I`m just a beginner, experimenting with oil pastels! I came across it because all the material has been here, waiting since school time of my daughter:)
10. artdillon wrote:
 oil pastels can be great fun,though i would say try to avoid the cheapies.Panda oil pastels are good for chiseling for lines and are quite robust,guitar on the otherhand are much softer and have a better colour selection.
11. linmar wrote:
 beautiful seascape, love the purple on the rock!
12. sandm wrote:
 Meanwhile Ive different qualities, soft ones as well. And the material zum Mischen und Fixieren und Paste und Lack und verschiedene Untergründe ... :))
13. sandm wrote:
 Ive Jaxon (cheap but not so bad), Vangogh, Sennelier and others.
14. artdillon wrote:
 ..a little trick for you to try with the cheapies...lay your oil pastels quite thickly(impressionist style) onto canvas textured paper,or even thin hardboard when you have finished dip a brush of your choice into turps or white spirit,brush over the pictu
15. artdillon wrote:
 ..re with directional strokes to produce what looks just like an oil painting.
16. bluemoon wrote:
17. golehto wrote:
 just beautiful ,, amazing colors:)
18. DilCoura wrote:
 Fantástico! amei!
19. lesley_gene wrote:
 Gorgeous!! Thank you for you uplifting comments, and the information above is an art lesson for me. Thanks! :)
20. marky wrote:
 Excellent effect.
21. Hazer wrote:
 Stunningly beautiful!
22. hanging wrote:
 love it!
23. Login wrote:
 Love the textures and the light. I'm forcing myself not to vote on your pictures for fear they will make Top5 and meet a similar fate to your most popular TD creations.
24. artdillon wrote:
 good thinking login ,better safe than sorry eh.
25. Miulo wrote:
26. sandm wrote:
 I`ll try it! ... And now I can see an effect of oil pastel in YOUR pic. It`s SO beautiful! and obiviously it has got deep into my brain, bc today, when I closed the eyes I always have seen it.:)
27. Burgandy wrote:
 Beautiful time of the day!
28. hjjr wrote:
 gorgeous coloring
29. golehto wrote:
 wow ,, beautiful,,, x 100000000000000 +
30. Login wrote:
31. sandm wrote:
 great result of my experiment, following your suggestion: Ich hab den Hintergrund mit Verdünnerlösung behandelt, das ergibt dann diesen Aquarell Effekt und dann Bäume, Sträucher, Zaun so gemacht, wie du gesagt hast... very pretty! :)
32. sandm wrote:
 Aber ich bin noch ein very young landscape artist. Das Motiv ist übrigens mein Lieblingsplatz im Wienerwald.
33. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 The light dancing off all the different surfaces is spectacular! You never cease to impress!
34. oraIReress23 wrote:
 this picture is great.