Title: sorrow
created on 25 May 12

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Comments on this picture (24):
1. porkyporks wrote:
 forgot how much patience is needed for these things!
2. puffmias73 wrote:
 Excellent job though :)
3. lesley_gene wrote:
 Very moving and tender.
4. Lizzi wrote:
 Ditto Lesley, and i love the hair.
5. linmar wrote:
 so well done!
6. suzze wrote:
7. yahoo wrote:
8. hxxhxx wrote:
 hautingly beautiful. why is she sad?
9. nancylee wrote:
10. JessyFunsz wrote:
11. porkyporks wrote:
 thanks all!
12. clorophilla wrote:
 love it!
13. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Very well done! Congratulations on Top 5!
14. porkyporks wrote:
 OMG! I can<t believe I made top 5... again!
15. lesley_gene wrote:
 Congrats porkyporks! A well deserved top 5!
16. alexi wrote:
 still wonder how u do it
17. porkyporks wrote:
 so do I...?????
18. KJLavigne wrote:
 Very good work!
19. indigo wrote:
 5/28/12 HaPPy BIrthDAY porkyporks! Best wishes for a great year and hope to see you back soon. *J*
20. indigo wrote:
 oops! the year should read 2013.
21. Lizzi wrote:
 May 28/13~Adding my B'day greeting to Indigo's!
22. Lizzi wrote:
 May 28/14~ And again!
23. indigo wrote:
 May 28, 2015 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a good one!! MISS your wonderful art! ^}^
24. Lizzi wrote:
 Ditto Indigo.

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