Title: Life Abounds
created on 16 May 12

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Comments on this picture (28):
1. Angela wrote:
 Very nice ;>
2. Burgandy wrote:
 Perfect amount of yellow and green to effectively brighten this - and even better - perfect luna pic!!
3. Burgandy wrote:
 And - awesome playback!
4. Lolla wrote:
 This is were I want to live!!
5. indigo wrote:
 Ah...just beautiful! :0
6. Lizzi wrote:
 You found colours I didn't know were there!
7. bluemoon wrote:
 great PB and pic
8. Hobbes wrote:
 Just amazing!:)
9. Willow wrote:
 Oh, WOW! You have such a talent with lunartics! :)
10. DilCoura wrote:
11. clorophilla wrote:
 great result for a so difficult palette!
12. AFSOUTH wrote:
 This is an absolute beauty!
13. five wrote:
14. Kara10 wrote:
 This is awsome!!!!!!!!! how did you do it?
15. KJLavigne wrote:
16. Vals wrote:
17. 56rosie wrote:
 Beautiful landscape
18. farout wrote:
 All of the above -its so wonderful.
19. kfr9 wrote:
 That is so goog how long did it talk you to make it right back at krf9
20. pinkie wrote:
 What an interesting landscape picture; full of imagination and color!
21. priya41 wrote:
 very imaginative and creative!
22. FEATHERHAWK wrote:
23. okeanos wrote:
24. Miulo wrote:
25. chelydra wrote:
 Pretty amazing!
26. daisybell wrote:
 cool its so good!
27. suzze wrote:
28. chelydra wrote:
 congrats on your top 5