Title: Curling - a Scottish winter sport.
created on 31 Dec 08

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Comments on this picture (23):
1. likemee wrote:
 this is great. us Brits are usually very good at curling. its normally our only chance of a medal at the winter olympics!
2. puzzler wrote:
 You are so right!!
3. marg wrote:
 dunno about you Brits, but that front leg is phenomenal !
4. earthfriendly11 wrote:
 i like this drawing. By the look of your other pictures, it seems like you have great talent!
5. arty wrote:
 Yes its great. My grandfather used to play it in Scotland.
6. franflair wrote:
 I don't know much about curling, but the intricate details of this piece are amazing. Love the spectators.
7. Fidessa wrote:
 Wow! SO talented!
8. nancylee wrote:
 I second that. This one and the ice hockey are so different in style, but equally phenomenal!
9. puzzler wrote:
 why thank you! I aim to be eclectic!
10. palmasbob wrote:
 puzzler!!! puzzler!! puzzler!!.. You did it again...GREAT!!
11. sheftali52 wrote:
 Fantastic! I have friends in Vermont who are into curling.
12. craftycarol wrote:
 best use of candy I have seen yet! Well done
13. doodler wrote:
 Also a Northern. Minnesota sport,makes me homesick
14. Login wrote:
 Perfectly portrayed.
15. qwer wrote:
 It is so good, even w/o title you'd know this sport.
16. Dragon wrote:
 This is incredible, We Canucks are pretty big into the sport too!
17. pollyesther wrote:
 you are amazing puzzler!
18. Login wrote:
 Puzzler, reading the comments, I see you drew the attention of som TD legends.
19. puzzler wrote:
 Ah, I only mix in the highest of circles!
20. Login wrote:
 Have you been watching the curling in Canada, puzzler?
21. puzzler wrote:
 Yes, but under duress! It's not my favourite sport, I'm afraid.
22. Login wrote:
 I watched the cross-country skiing today ... they deserved a medal just for finishing.
23. Dragon wrote:
 I think we may have the only 2 curling pics on TD! Funny, looks like I did the same uniform on my curlers as you did.