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created on 31 Dec 08

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1. Login wrote:
 This is brilliant. I love the huskies.
2. lynnspotter wrote:
 Great Huskies! & his furry parka!
3. puzzler wrote:
 I love huskies too!
4. nancylee wrote:
 This is great! I am amused that I only noticed 2 dogs in the thumbnail - this one really blends in!
5. kmkagle wrote:
 Good Job Kath!!! Is that Harley pulling next to the white dog?
6. qwer wrote:
 Love this!
7. KStanley wrote:
 kmkagle I wish my Harley girl could be calm enough to do this. Right now the only thing she would pull is Patch across the sidewalk. :-D
8. doodler wrote:
 Great picture. you are a talented artist
9. smilejl wrote:
10. Login wrote:
 The white dog is too busy looking at the camera ... not pulling it's weight.

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