Title: Parachute skiing
created on 31 Dec 08

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1. marg wrote:
 these just keep getting better, qwer !
2. pollyesther wrote:
3. likemee wrote:
4. Login wrote:
 Wow! This is soooo good.
5. solange wrote:
6. nancylee wrote:
 What a wonderful idea - the parachutes against the snow!
7. autumn wrote:
 qwer your work is just so good, you really are talented!!
8. palmasbob wrote:
 I missed this qwer... GREAT!!!!!!!...
9. craftycarol wrote:
 superb qwer!
10. qwer wrote:
 Thank you all for the kind words.
11. puzzler wrote:
 Hope the man in yellow has a soft landing with his legs as they are!
12. hxxhxx wrote:
13. qwer wrote:
 Now that you mention it puzzler, looks bad for yellow pants!
14. rwrightc98 wrote:
 Fantastic! Yellow pants is just expressing his 'joie de vivre'! He'll bring those legs together for the landing.... ;)
15. spritemaster wrote:
 good job on this picture! i love the flower parachute!
16. Login wrote:
 Don't try this at home!
17. Login wrote:
 Look in on us some time, qwer. There are lots of changes since we saw you last.
18. Login wrote:
 Happy Birthday.

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